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Who should receive formal training in an educational theater?

All students, staff, and volunteers who perform any duties on the stage or in the auditorium shall receive training in the subject matter in which they are performing work.

Examples of work which should receive specific training:

  • Shop work
  • The use of tools
  • Any electrical work including hanging and focusing lights
  • Any work with hand tools
  • Any work with power tools
  • The use of ladders or anything with a fall risk
  • The use of any Personal Protection Equipment

It is the responsibility of the Board, Administrators, and Staff to verify everyone has received proper training and is competent in their sills. This is particularly true for parents who wish to assist with their child’s school activity.

Each organizations hall have policies which further define what volunteers can and cannot do. Volunteers are not staff members and there should be a clear distinction between volunteers and staff members.

In addition to activities which require special training, additional activities may require a license or certification. These activities should not be performed by anyone without the appropriate credential.

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