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AVIXA Standards


AVIXA (Audiovisual and Integrated Experience Association) is a global trade association that represents the audiovisual industry. AVIXA is committed to developing industry standards and best practices for the audiovisual industry. The AVIXA Standards program was developed to provide a framework for the industry to ensure that audiovisual solutions are designed, installed, and maintained to meet the needs of end-users.

AVIXA Standards cover a wide range of topics related to the design, installation, and operation of audiovisual systems. Some of the areas covered by AVIXA Standards include:

  1. Audiovisual system design: This includes standards for the design of audiovisual systems, including system requirements, functional specifications, and performance criteria.

  2. Display systems: AVIXA Standards cover the design and installation of various types of display systems, including projectors, flat-panel displays, and LED displays.

  3. Audio systems: AVIXA Standards cover the design and installation of audio systems, including microphones, speakers, and amplifiers.

  4. Control systems: AVIXA Standards cover the design and installation of control systems, including user interfaces, control processors, and system programming.

  5. Networked AV systems: As networked audiovisual systems become more common, AVIXA Standards provide guidance for the design and installation of these systems, including network architecture, security, and interoperability.

  6. Digital signage: AVIXA Standards cover the design and installation of digital signage systems, including content creation, distribution, and management.

  7. Lighting systems: AVIXA Standards cover the design and installation of lighting systems for use in conjunction with audiovisual systems, including color temperature, dimming, and control.

AVIXA Standards are developed by committees made up of experts from the audiovisual industry, including manufacturers, consultants, integrators, and end-users. The committees work together to develop standards that are based on best practices and industry consensus. Once a standard has been developed, it is reviewed and approved by the AVIXA membership before it is published.

AVIXA Standards are designed to provide guidance and best practices for the audiovisual industry, but they are not mandatory. However, many industry professionals use AVIXA Standards as a benchmark for their work, and compliance with AVIXA Standards is often required by end-users or project specifications.

  • ANSI/AVIXA A102.01:2022: Audio Coverage Uniformity - DOWNLOAD
  • ANSI/AVIXA D401.01:2023: Documentation Requirements for Audiovisual Systems - DOWNLOAD
  • V201.01:2021: Image System Contrast Ratio - DOWNLOAD
  • AVIXA S601.01:2021: Energy Management for Audiovisual Systems - DOWNLOAD
  • 10:2013: AV Systems Performance Verification - DOWNLOAD
  • STD-710: AV & Control Architectural Drawing Symbols - DOWNLOAD
  • AVIXAF501.01:2015: Cable Labeling for AV Systems - DOWNLOAD
  • 202.01:2016: Display Image Size for 2D Content - DOWNLOAD
  • RP-C303.01:2018: Best Practices for Security in Networked AV Systems - DOWNLOAD
  • RP-38-17: Lighting Performance in Videoconferencing Rooms - DOWNLOAD
  • AVIXA F502.01:2018: Rack Building for Audiovisual Systems - DOWNLOAD
  • R-111:2019: Unified Building Automation - DOWNLOAD
  • F502.02:201X: Rack Design for AV Systems - DOWNLOAD
  • A103.01:201X: Sound System Spectral Balance - DOWNLOAD

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