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What an event manager should do when there is a missing child

If a child goes missing at a small event, an event manager should take immediate action to help locate the child and ensure their safety. Here are some steps an event manager can take:

  1. Alert staff: The event manager should immediately alert all event staff to be on the lookout for the missing child and provide a description of the child and what they were last seen wearing. They should also ensure that staff members are stationed at all exits to prevent the child from leaving the premises.
  2. Search the immediate area: The event manager and staff should conduct a thorough search of the immediate area, including restrooms, nearby buildings, and any areas that the child may have wandered off to. They should also ask attendees if they have seen the child or have any information about their whereabouts.
  3. Contact law enforcement: If the child is not found quickly, the event manager should contact local law enforcement to report the missing child and request assistance in locating them. They should provide law enforcement with a description of the child and any relevant details, such as where the child was last seen.
  4. Provide updates to parents: The event manager should keep the parents or guardians of the missing child updated on the search efforts and any developments. They should also reassure them that all necessary steps are being taken to locate the child and ensure their safety.
  5. Review event policies: After the missing child has been located, the event manager should review the event policies and procedures to determine if any changes need to be made to prevent similar incidents from happening in the future. This may include implementing additional safety measures or providing staff training on how to handle missing children.

Overall, the safety and well-being of all attendees, including children, should be a top priority for event managers. By taking prompt action and working closely with event staff and local law enforcement, event managers can help ensure that missing children are located quickly and safely reunited with their parents or guardians

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